Wild Roses

Setelah spend 6 bulan di Malaysia, hari minggu di Vienna sangat terasa kelainannya.

7 thoughts on “Wild Roses

  1. Assalamualaikum,

    Today, again HH took us for a stroll in the park nearby his home. We came across beautiful wild roses growing in rose beds. Wild roses are tough plants… the leaves go through changes through out the four seasons. Wild roses are native to Europe and grow wild. The garden roses like those in the park are descendants of original wild roses. Most are pink, some maybe white and red. Generally, there are two types: climbers and shrubs. The first blooms will appear in spring and last until early fall. Roses petals are edible. They have very aromatic, floral and slightly sweet flavour and can be eaten raw… but not all are safe to eat.


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